Manage your customers information smarter and allow them to access it too!

Save time! Let your website manage your customers:

Let UpKeep Hub turn your website into your virtual assistant. No more wasted time doing paperwork at the office, let your customers self-serve their account — right from your website.

Organized Customer Records, all in one Place!

Customer Access Portal

Give your customers their own private portal on your website, where they can manage their accounts, pay invoices, track purchases, send customer service requests, send private messages and more.

Business Manager

Simplify your life by tracking your customers account details, internal notes, invoices, payments, work history, important files and much more in a highly secured platform right from your own website.

Invoice Mangement

Invoice your customers and allow them to make online payments directly from their Customer Portal so they can keep track of their purchase history and payments.

Quotes & Estimates

Allow clients to send you quote requests and approve estimates that you and your office staff can easily mange.

Tax Record Keeping

Each of your customers can access their account history to view their purchases, saving you time so you don’t have to send an account statement at the end of the year.

Accountant Access

Provide your CPA or Tax Preparer with a guest account so they can easily view all invoices and payments made by your customers – all invoices in one place!

Simplify your work life

Give your customers the ability to securely view important documents, share information, submit customer support requests, pay invoices & keep track of their purchases through their own customer account right from your website.

You can access your business manager account anytime, anywhere and from any device such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome and the Web



Keep history from client meetings, phone calls, emails, purchases and more!

Job too Long?

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, unorganized spreadsheets and other hassles of running a business — Let UpKeep Hub save you time and money. Here’s how we do it:

Enjoy the freedom of your website: Collaborate with your office staff, access your data and update your a client’s information from anywhere.

Upkeep Hub has made it easy for you to assign jobs, receive notifications about your projects and track timelines so you are always on top of your deadlines.

Take control of your business with the help of UpKeep Hub. A small monthly subscription gives you the tools you need to better serve your customers.

UpKeep Hub helps you keep all your data is in one place. See your performance reports at a glance – or build your own — best of all, you can show a report to your clients on their own customizable account.

Our clients expect us to maintain the highest level of confidentiality around their information, and we haven’t found another solution that gives us the level of control we get with UpKeep Hub.
- Cindy & Mike
We’re able to meet all of our clients needs with a turnkey, private and convenient system. Thank you UpKeep Hub for giving my customers an amazing experience.
- Joanne R.
It’s very sophisticated and provides a special value to our customers, yet it’s very simple to use.
- Tommy F.


A better way to securely store, sync, and share your business invoices and sensitive files.

You need a system that lets you plan and adjust to your customers needs in real time from your office or on the go.