The Carmen Website Redesign

UpKeepHub partnered with A’DESIGN award winning The Carmen, the hottest Luxury Boutique Hotel in the Riviera Maya and TripAdvisor’s #2 rated hotel in Playa Del Carmen to redesign their website and launch their new brands locally and internationally on social media.

Solutions provided

• Strategy
• Creative
• Development
• Video Production
• Social Media Marketing
• Graphic Design


Fully Responsive

The new The Carmen’s website delivers an optimized browsing experience across the wide variety of mobile and desktop resolutions by leveraging responsive design architecture. The site is customized for the best experience whether their customers browse on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, and regardless of the visitors operating system.


The previous GRASTEK site was not designed with the end user in mind, and their pages were cluttered with too much text. The design needed to focus on the people taking the tablet and the physicians prescribing the medication. This meant the information should be broken down into easy to read  sections that clearly explain  why the tablet is beneficial to the patient.
SkyBar & Pool 5 stories above the Caribbean sea. Sexy. Chic. Bold. Play in Paradise At Our Playa del Carmen Hotel!

UpKeep Hub launched The Carmen’s new brand online with smart creative that is both functional and intuitive while maintaining its core visual characteristics.